Goals for 2018.

I don’t like New Years resolutions for the simple fact that I can’t do them. I JUST CAN’T.

On multiple occasions I’ve set myself what I thought to be reasonable resolutions (trust me they were VERY reasonable) and like any other person I went on to trying to complete them in the subsequent new year. Unfortunately I’ve NEVER had a successful attempt at a New Year’s resolution. For some reason goals seem to be my kryptonite.

I don’t suck at all kinds of goals, just the more reasonable ones. I am currently slowly (but surely) getting through my biggest goal I’ve ever set myself which is (just incase I haven’t already mentioned it) to write a novel. It’s a pretty monumental task that I am actually making happen (AGAIN, slowly but surely). SOOOO theoretically I should be able to complete smaller goals right? WRONG!

Eating healthier, complete school work on time, workout more, learn a new skill… All simple resolutions that I have set myself and failed at miserably! So this year (if it’s even possible) I am going to set my self some more simple and more reasonable goals. Here they are;

  1. Write more:
    When I say write more I literally mean the writing part of it ONLY. I have set myself the goal of trying to post more on a few occasions and naturally they didn’t go well. This time I mean write more. For my noveal and just in general. Hopefully by doing this I can improve my writing and better figure out what I want my subject matter to be going forward. If I write something I like I will by ALL means post it, but quality not quantity is wha I am going to be focused on.
  2. TRY to work out more:
    But Callum, didn’t you say you’ve failed at working out more before? Why YES! Yes I did fictional person I made up for the sake of context… Good spotting! As the section header says I want to TRY to work out more. The best way to get something done (in my opinion) is to slowly chip away at it so you can make sure it’s done right. I AM NOT going to immediately start working out 5 days a week, I do not currently have the drive or the resources to do that. I want to at least set my self a plan on how I can achieve the goal of getting to the gym and working out more in 2018.
  3. Work harder:
    Because I made the choice not to work harder in highschool I’m not currently enrolled in any forms of higher education and am working full-time. YES I know I said I failed at my “work harder in school” type resolutions which are similar to this in theory, there is however one BIG reason why I am ignoring those past failures and giving it another go. I’m 21 Years old! I am an adult know and have bills to pay (only a handful of relatively unimportant things but the point stays the same) and because I’m not in school at the moment there is no reason to need financial help for said bills from my family or otherwise. If I don’t work hard I don’t make money and at this point that is NOT an option.

Well there you have it, my three main goals for the coming year (minus any that have rolled over from last year). Will I achieve them? I have no honest idea. I sure as hell hope I do! But if I have learned anything about myself in the last 21 years of existence it’s hard to predict what I am and am not going to put effort into. This should be interesting!

SEE YOU IN 2018!

Oh and BTW! I am trying to be more active on Twitter now so feel free to follow me @callumgibsonr

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